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Easy sock puppet tutorial - This is step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a cat sock puppet and easy . Sock puppets are a Ana DIY Crafts - how to make a sock a puppet is a Sock Crafts for Kids. How to Make Sock Dolls, Sock Sock puppets are very easy to make and cost less than $2.00 if you buy socks on sale and other craft supplies. Easy Monster Sock Puppet Tutorial. How to Make Sock Puppets with Kids, Cheap Easy Fun [video] Dec 05, 2012 Easy Feather Boa Sock Puppet - One Little Project Oct 31, 2018

Step 1: Mark the Place for the Eyes Put the sock on your hand to get a feel for where the mouth will be. The mouth will be created by the crease between your fingers and thumb. Once you have a feel for how you want to hold the puppet and mark where you want the eyes to go with the marker.

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The sock puppet has a moveable mouth, making it suitable for verbal communication. After creating the puppet, the puppeteer should begin the process of personification, discovering whom the puppet is and what it wants to say. Puppet manipulation is how the puppet can say what it wants to say.

Sep 01, 2017 How to Make a Sock Puppet - Snapguide Make an awesome puppet out of an old sock!. What you'll need. Turn sock inside out and lay as shown. Draw a line. Cut down the line. Lay out felt. Put the sock on the felt as shown. How to Make Sock Puppets & Finger Puppets - Persil