Jun 03, 2019 · Testing configuration. Before applying any changes, we will test the configuration file. Run the following command as sudo to test configurations: $ sudo netplan try. If there is no issue, it will return the configuration accepted message. If the configuration file fails the test, it will be reverted to a previous working configuration. Apply

Jun 18, 2015 What are some of the basic sudo commands? - Ask Ubuntu Editing the sudo configuration. Open up a terminal, and make sure the EDITOR variable is set to your preferred editor, otherwise you will be editing the sudoers file using vi. Now you can launch visudo as root: /usr/sbin/visudo Enabling the wheel group in sudo. How to setup DHCP server on Ubuntu - VITUX Jul 15, 2019 Configuration file — Ansible Documentation

Jun 09, 2020

How to install and configure VSFTPD sudo apt-get install vsftpd. After the successful installation, we will move to the configuration part for some security issues and user management. Configuration. To begin with the configuration, open the vsftpd.conf file by typing: sudo nano /etc/vsftpd.conf Disable anonymous login and … Samba/SambaServerGuide - Community Help Wiki

The sudo utility is composed of the following three packages: SUNWsudor contains configuration files, which are installed in /etc directory. SUNWsudou contains sudo binaries and documentation. SUNWsudoS contains source code of sudo. Installing sudo packages

raspi-config - Raspberry Pi Documentation raspi-config is the Raspberry Pi configuration tool originally written by Alex Bradbury. It targets Raspberry Pi OS. Usage. You will be shown raspi-config on first booting into Raspberry Pi OS. To open the configuration tool after this, simply run the following from the command line: sudo raspi-config