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Jun 16, 2014 · Currently I have web proxy setup (Squid Proxy) and for our employees all internet is blocked except several sites that have been allowed. New to the list we need to allow gmail through the proxy as we are moving to a gmail interface for email and moving away from outlook and on Mac. Apr 23, 2020 · For reporting of security sensitive bugs send an email to the squid-bugs lists squid-cache org mailing list. It's a closed list (though anyone can post) and security related bug reports are treated in confidence until the impact has been established. Jan 26, 2016 · Note from September 4, 2019: We’ve updated this blog post, initially published on January 26, 2016. Major changes include: support of Amazon Linux 2, no longer having to compile Squid 3.5, and a high availability version of the solution across two availability zones. Get up to 10% OFF Giggling Squid nhs discount code at . There are 2 active nhs staff coupon codes for verified today. Learn the saving money tips and Get the Giggling Squid nhs discount right now here.

The membership of this list is thousands of Squid users from around the world. As with most mailing lists, we don't like it when different people keep asking the same questions. If you have a question for Squid users, there is a good chance that others have also had the same question.

In other words for the above clarification: W2k machines connecting to internet through Broadband and they use outlook express and Microsoft outlook has their email client without any problem but we plan to use squid proxy, OS, RedHat linux ES 3.0.

However, I couldn't get this to work with proxy digest authentication. This, apparently, isn't supported by squid via a cache_peer configuration declaration [squid mailing list citation]. One can manage this by storing or passing the configuration credentials (username/password) at the client and then passing them through to the squid proxy.

Besides the Services page, you can post a Request For Proposals to squid-users (Squid administration and integration) or squid-dev (Squid development) mailing list. A good RFP contains enough details (including your deadlines and Squid versions) for the respondents to provide a ballpark cost estimate. Sep 29, 2016 · CPU mostly. The helpers will use Nx the RAM for N helpers, so Squid technically uses less that way. But since Squid workers are internally single-threaded the CPU time takes from the processing of things through the lists does slow down the workers handling other transactions. Jul 15, 2020 · Sign-Up to the Squid Mailing List for the latest news, including early access to live shows, music and merch → BROADCASTER LYRICS: I’m in the tall grass squid layer would be a good option for stopping such traffic from hitting the main servers. That would be my guess. Wikitech-l mailing list Wikitech-l@lists