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PDF-Anonymizer Anonymize. As suggested by the name, the anonymize tool is used to make the PDF documents anonymous, i.e. to clear all the metadata information they can have. TWIX Anonymizer VB17 | CAI2R The TWIX Anonymizer is a small Windows tool for anonymizing TWIX raw data files (.dat) from Siemens MRI scanners running the software versions VB17 or VB18. This is a mandatory procedure before raw data from patient exams can be shared to researchers. The software will eliminate patient information including patient name, date of birth, and patient ID. Sante DICOM Editor | How-to: Anonymize - Santesoft - 🔶 Suspicious IPv4 - Maltiverse

Depends R (>= 2.10), methods, stats Suggests archetypes Author Manuel J. A. Eugster Maintainer Manuel J. A. Eugster Description The aim of this package is to provide infrastructure for sports analysis. Anyway, currently it is a selection of data PDF Anonymizer - RTT Software The anonymizer is used to clear metadata information from a PDF, thereby hiding document information including which tool was used to make the document, or its components, as well as other critical information about the file, including its creation date. PDF files contain more than one place where metadata information can be stored. Anonymizer (Hadoop 1.0.4 API)

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Jul 02, 2020 9 Useful R Data Visualization Packages for Any Discipline May 18, 2018 r - How to create example data set from private data Ideally, this would be done in R, taking in a data.frame and producing this anonymous data.frame. With such a data set, simply search and replace variable names in your script and you have a publicly releasable reproducible example. r/techsupport - Got something called Anonymizer Gadget on