apt-get update Updates the repositories. Equivalent to refreshing in Cydia. apt-get upgrade Installs any updates available. apt-cache search Search the repositories; apt-get install Install a package. If there are dependencies, you will be prompted to continue. apt-get remove Uninstall a package; dpkg –l Lists all installed packages; respring

2020-6-4 · sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get clean. Removed and readded the puppet labs packages. I've also tried similar suggestions that I've found in the first few pages of google. I've even tried multiple computers, and multiple internet connections. debian - apt-get fails: The method driver /usr/lib/apt 2020-6-1 · apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates If your apt-get is too broken to do this, you can download the package directly and install it with dpkg -i . Any additional dependencies of that package can be tracked down and fetched similarly ( dpkg will let you know if anything is missing). [教程] 【玩转终端1:apt-get】 - BBSMAX 2016-12-5 · apt-get update 【刷新所有的源,相当于获取最新的货品清单,刷新速度比cydia快而稳定,各位自己体验】 apt-get upgrade 【更新所有已安装包,到最新版本】 apt-get install 程序名 【安装该软件,如有依赖包,一并下载,安装前需要你输入y确认】

apt - How do I fix this "E: Type '*' is not known on line

越狱后如何使用Cydia和第三方deb软件(一)_越狱 … 2012-2-24 · apt-get update 或 aptitude update 命令来手动更新源(更新的过程中会下载Packages和Release等文件,所以Cydia刷新的时候上面也会有滚动的字符提示 cydia数据库错误怎么修复白图标 - Sogou

Cydia Pakete mit apt-get updaten, installieren & deinstallieren. Manche von Euch kennen vielleicht das Problem – via Cydia ein neues Paket installiert und das iPhone hängt in einer Respring

2015-7-10 · 20191224 本地虚拟机 ubuntu 1804.1 很久没用,先升级一下 ubuntu ,结果遇到问题,升不上去!$ cat /etc/issueUbuntu 18.04.1 LTS \n \l照例,sudo apt update & sudo apt upgrade ,但是 update 就出错了!sudo apt update错误如下…Reading package