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Internet Pop Blocker Software - Free Download Internet Pop Internet Pop Blocker Software MyWIFIzone WIFI Internet Access Blocker v.3.1 myWIFIzone blocks Freeloaders from using your WIFI network to access the internet . Internet Schedule Blocker Software - Free Download Snappy Internet Control is a cost-effective internet filtering and parental control solution for home or business. The software interface is easy-to-use and understand. Block web sites and network access. Completely eliminate internet access abuse. InternetOff is a very simple and free internet blocker software. Use this software to switch internet on/off, right from the taskbar tray. A Schedule option is available that lets you allow or block internet usage for upcoming days. The free website blocker designed for studying or focusing on work. Block distractions like social media, games, apps, Youtube or even the entire Internet. New Cold Turkey Blocker v4.0 is now out for Windows and macOS!

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Web Filtering & Restriction Software | CurrentWare BrowseControl is an easy to use Internet control and application blocking software that restricts Internet access and enforces web and application usage policies across your network. Take control of your network’s Internet access and application usage by using BrowseControl's Web Filter and application blocker to enforce different Internet Download the latest version of Website Block free in May 21, 2014

Jul 28, 2010

This strategy would result in a large number of ‘false positive’ results, sites that are blocked without being about gambling but having used certain words that fool the keyword blocker into categorising it as a gambling site. This strategy is very intrusive and can result in a lot of high quality educational resources being inaccessible. Jul 02, 2020 · At the end of the file, you can add the addresses to block websites. You just need to add a line to the end of the file using Then put the website name you want to restrict. This will transmit the name of the site to your local PC. To block Google, for example, add "" to the end of the file without the quotes.