From there, you can hook up your own wireless router and create your own wireless/wired network upstairs with all your computers and devices. Granted, this is if Cox allows you to have 2 modems in the same house. And if they do, I'm betting they won't let that go for free.

You can get an inexpensive power-line based extension point to bridge two or more wireless routers even if they don't support WDS and if you don't have a hardline between the two. 2. Many newer wireless router vendors now simplify this process by selling range extenders and access point gear. I also have 2 net gear extenders that worked fine for a couple days or so, then i got bumped off had to keep re entering the password until the router stoped popping up at all i got rid of the second one and the internet works at close range my extender is connecting but internet is blocked , can i solve this problem by wiring just one extender and connecting the second to the wireless router? I have two phone lines coming into the house, one of which is running my BT Broadband. Utilizing the existing telephone cable to the external office plus further cabling in the house and in the external office can I install another router on the end of this and add BT broadband to this line. Jan 10, 2009 · You can connect those to routers together in a hierarchy scheme. The only possible issue that you can do, is the 2 router can not share the same ip address. Source(s): personal experience Only one modem is allowed per internet account. If you're looking to have a 2nd modem in the house, it would require setting up a "roommate account". I've seen customers go this route for wanting internet in their guest house that is a significant distance from the WiFi signal.

Apr 24, 2010 · we have 2 families sharing 1 home. we have 1 cable modem & 2 routers. for over a year we had them setup as 2 completely separate networks each using their own router & password. 1 family accessed

Oct 25, 2017 · thanks for tutorial, i’m having an issue, i have 2 RT N-12 Asus routers, i have a roku connected to my vpn router (router 2) and all other devices are connected to router 1. When i’m watching tv on my roku from vpn, i have extreme low speeds on my router 1, and suddenly the speed will increase to normal but my router 2 vpn will cut off.

Mar 17, 2020 · Wireless routers use different Wi-Fi channels by default depending on the model, but these settings can be changed in the router console. To avoid signal interference between two routers in a home, set the first router to use channel 1 or 6 and the second to use channel 11.

One with wifi and another with wifi+3G. iPad2 wifi model can connect to Internet via wifi. Another version have two options. If you are in home with wifi you can connect to it. Apr 05, 2019 · Set the Internet Gateway of router 2 to router 1's IP address. Connect the two routers using a wired connection from any of port 1-4 in router 1 to any of port 1-4 in router 2. You can use a Wireless Media Bridge or Powerline Ethernet Kit to create a wired connection. DO NOT use router 2's WAN port.