# esxcfg-vmknic -l Interface Port Group/DVPort IP Family IP Address Netmask Broadcast MAC Address MTU TSO MSS Enabled Type vmk0 MGMT_10.110.5.0 IPv4 00:1b:78:72:bb:16 1500 65535 true STATIC

It used to be BSD command [code ]ifconfig[/code] and this still works on some Linux systems. The main command is [code ]ip[/code] an this can do a lot of things from dealing with MAC addresses to setting routing policies. When I change the IP address of an entry in the hosts file the system keeps resolving the associated name to the old address. I figured out that if you go to Network Preferences and change the interface configuration (ex.: to manual address and then back to DHCP) it seems to reload it and clean the DNS cache. @ppumkin: MAC[6] is an output parameter, he uses it instead of return value. So enter there a pointer to your own array of unsigned chars. Like this: unsigned char outMAC[6]; getMACAddress("eth0", outMac); – Youda008 Dec 26 '15 at 19:10 Mar 09, 2003 · Ipconfig has been built-in to each Microsoft operating systems from Windows 3.11 onwards. My primary use of this utility is to display a computer’s IP or MAC address. Other common use of Ipconfig is to release and renew IP address leases for DHCP clients. Traditionally, Ipconfig has been used in a DOS box. Mar 31, 2020 · Most current Linux distributions do not use a DNS resolver cache in the same way that Windows and Mac OS X use. To confirm which particular daemon is installed for your Linux distribution, check the website or its forum pages. However, a common DNS caching application sometimes used is the Name Service Caching Daemon (nscd). It’s most likely

Another command will give you details about the layer 2 properties of the interface: its MAC address (ethernet address), etc; even if it is shown by ip address: ip link show. Furthermore, you can set devices up or down (similar to ifconfig eth0 up or ifconfig eth0 down) simply by using: ip link set DEVICE up or ip link set DEVICE down Jul 20, 2015 · To run traceroute on a Mac, follow these steps: These steps were created using Mac OS X. For earlier operating systems, you will need to download and use a third party program. (1) From your hard-drive, open the Applications folder, and click to open the Utilities folder. (2) Double-click Terminal.

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Sep 13, 2019 · How to Change the IP Address on a Mac. Changing your IP address can be useful if you want to avoid being attacked by other users who are targeting your IP address, or if you simply want a new online identity from an IP standpoint.