Mar 24, 2020 5 Differences Between Apple TV+ and Netflix Means Of Access. Whereas Netflix is currently watchable both from an app and in a regular ol’ web … Do you need an Apple device to use Apple TV+? | iMore

Get the Apple TV app on your smart TV or streaming device

What are the system requirements for Apple TV? | The An HDMI cable. This doesn't come in the box, so you'll have to get one. A Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. 802.11a, g, or n for the former, 10/100BASE-T for the latter. To stream media from your Mac or PC you'll need iTunes 10.6 or later. You'll also need an iTunes account if you want to buy or rent movies and TV shows or listen to iTunes radio. How to Fix Netflix Problems on the Apple TV 4 After Jun 07, 2016

You Can Now Stream Netflix Straight From the Apple TV App

Solved: Netflix and Telus TV - TELUS Neighbourhood If you sign into your Netflix account on your browser, select under auto-play “play next episode automatically” unchecked. It will not play the next episode. As shown below when an episode ended on Netflix. It has nothing to do with how TELUS “set up netflix” as Netflix provides the “app” to TELUS.