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I want to extend the range of an existing wireless network by using a 2nd $60 WRT54G2 router instead of buying a $100 Access Point. I know to turn off DHCP in the 2nd router, and assign it a diff device IP besides the default, but is there anything else needed? I'm assuming that the Jan 21, 2010 · This is how to install dd-wrt on a Linksys WRT54GL router. I go though what I did from start to finish. For more info on dd-wrt and other cool video please v By the way, there is no hardware version 1.5 for WRT54G2. There's version 1, then 1.1, followed by version 2. No version 1.5 available. I suggest that you double check the hardware version of your router (it's on the sticker at the bottom part of the router). If there's no version number printed next to the model number, the device is version 1. I've read through this board, but can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have no problem finding and downloading the file from the Cisco web site. When I log into my wireless router and go to the Administration- Firmware Upgrade page, I select the file. Even though I select Hardware version

Apr 04, 2009 · Okay, another thread I just posted here leads me to believe I might actually be able to salvage my WRT54G2 and its pathetic reliability by flashing DD-WRT ( which I was not aware could be done on these : ) . Anyways, my router is a V1 so from what I've already read it should be easier to flash

Dec 18, 2012

This is based on the original instructions for installing DD-WRT on the WRT54G2 and my own experiences installing Eko's 13000 NEWD Micro Plus w/ SSH (Sept 30, 2009). [See Micro builds] Overview. With the router still disconnected from the computer: Download the correct files needed to install DD-WRT to your computer Hard resett your router

The WRT54G/S/L has a 10 pin connection slot on the board called JP1 (JP2 on some v1.1 boards). This slot provides two TTL serial ports at 3.3V. Neither of the ports use hardware flow control, you need to use software flow control instead. Linksys Mar 16, 2008 · A video showing how to install DD-WRT firmware from dd-wrt.com on a Linksys WRT54G router to add TONS of functionality. It's a really simple install, but most people prefer a visual aid over Replace firmware with DD-WRT NOTE: Replacing the factory firmware is different for every router. In this example we will replace the firmware on a Linksys WRT54GL .If you have a different router, find your solution here to replace the factory default firmware with DD-WRT.