This will clear your Bing search history on this device. You can't undo it.

How to Clear Linux Command Line History - LinOxide 2020-7-23 · To clear the bash history completely on the server, an alternative solution is to link ~/.bash_history to /dev/null $ ln -sf /dev/null ~/.bash_history. However, one annoying side-effect is that the history entries is linked to the memory and it will flush back to the file when you log out. To workaround this, you can use the following command: How to Clear Your Browser History: Chrome & More | Avast 2020-3-5 · Clear your browser history in Safari. Safari is Apple’s own browser and comes stock with any Apple device, both desktop and mobile. Clearing your history in Safari is quite straightforward, so let’s get to it. Open the History menu and select Clear History. Select how much of your history you’d like to delete, then click Clear History How to Clear Your Browser History - Delete Your Browsing

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My device history is a feature that allows Windows Search to improve on-device searches by using collected information about app, settings, and other history from all devices that you are using with the current Microsoft Account. To clear your device history in Windows 10, Open the Settings app. Go to Search > Permissions & History. When the user loads the page, I immediately do a window redirect to another location. The problem is, when the user clicks back, it'll go back to the page which does the redirect.

Aug 27, 2019 · From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything. Next to "Details", click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items. Click Clear Now. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

Clear the history and cookies from Safari on your iPhone 2019-9-19 · To clear your cookies and keep your history, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data. To visit sites without leaving a history, turn private browsing on or off. When there's no history or website data to clear, the setting turns gray. How to Clear Safari Cache, History and Cookies on Mac 2020-6-26 · How Clear Safari History on Mac. You can choose to clear all history in few clicks. Or choose to delete them date-wise or by specific pages. Let me show you how. Open Safari. Click on History from the top menu bar; Click on Clear History. Dropdown menu will show all history. Click on it if you want to select another option, like the last hour fteClearMonitorHistory: clear resource monitor history 2020-7-20 · Use the fteClearMonitorHistory command to clear the history of a resource monitor.. Purpose. The fteClearMonitorHistory command can be run from any system where the MFT commands component is installed. This allows you to clear the history from anywhere, rather than being restricted to the system where the agent that owns the resource monitor is running. How to clear protection history in Windows Defender on