It is a fact that cybercriminals develop an Android malware every 17 seconds while the other security flaws make an Android smartphone vulnerable to hackers.. According to security experts, Apple’s devices are more secure and reliable in the context of data protection and spying evasion than the Android or Windows operating systems. In fact, it is being stated that out of the three main

Samsung vs. Apple: Inside The Brutal War For Smartphone Mar 13, 2020 (PDF) Differences between Android and iPhone Users in This work compares Android and iPhone users according to their security and privacy awareness when handling apps. Based on an online survey conducted with over 700 German respondents (mostly Google vs Apple - The Privacy Battle - YouTube Jun 06, 2015

Jun 13, 2016

Mar 13, 2020

I switched from Android to iPhone for two months. Here's

iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T, Galaxy S10+, Pixel 4 XL: A